Scientists: sleep on your side clears the brain of toxins

This ensures a uniform outflow of the products of the cellular metabolism. As a result, the brain is cleared, decreases the likelihood of developing Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's. In addition, the man quickly poured and accumulate strength for the new day.

Scientists have studied the brain activity of rats using MRI apparatus. When the animals were sleeping on your side, the speed of circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid was increased. Through the lymph vessels was given to more harmful compounds: Tau-protein and beta-amyloid proteins. Scientists call them "brain waste". These substances are the enemies brain, accelerate its aging.

Easiest way to take the information and apply it in practice for people who are accustomed to sleep on your side. Other experts advise to relearn and change a posture to sleep. Note the position on the side of most physiological and inherent nature. Most animals choose this posture during sleep.

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