Scientists: skin cancer often kills men than women

Skin cancer is a generic name of malignant tumors arising in the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. Usually there are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma(carcinoma), melanoma. The risk of skin cancer associated with mutagenic agents such as solar radiation, chemicals, Smoking, and drugs that weaken the immune system. Until recently this problem as sex differences in the frequency of cancer among men and women has not been studied seriously and accurate statistics were not. That is why scientists from the UK conducted an independent study monitoring. During it was revealed that the annual incidence of cancer is 12.6 thousand, of which 6,2 men and 6.6 women. This varies greatly mortality from this disease: 1.3 thousand men and 900 thousand women, that makes a difference in 70%.

Julia Newton-Bishop, University of Leeds, one of the study participants believed that the difference between the mortality from skin cancer may lie in the fact that men rarely treated in the initial stages of the disease and come to a medical oncologist with the already running the tumor. However, the basis can be and other reasons associated with different genotypes or by the functioning of the male and female organisms.

The results of the study showed that each year, skin cancer is diagnosed in 6.2 thousand men and 6.6 thousand women, and the mortality rate from the disease is 70% higher in men. Since 1970, the mortality of men from this disease has increased by 185 percent, while women - only 55%. Among the scientific community there is an opinion: increased mortality from skin cancer in men tends to increase, and women - stability.

One of the reasons that sheds light on the statistics of spot localization of tumors. In men, melanoma is more likely to occur on the back, where it is barely visible. It is worth noting that the stronger sex more often neglects the trips to the doctor, hoping to cure itself, which leads to running instances.

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