Scientists should not tell the children that they found in the cabbage

Psychologists are sure: invented stories about the birth of a child is unacceptable. In the future, they can undermine the credibility of parents and to break the psyche. The children's questions about the appearance people the light, you should answer truthfully and tactfully, given the age of the child.

The first questions about how the child came into the world, you can hear already at the age of three years. Often parents begin to tell the kid stories about the cabbage or the stork. The child at this age believe their parents unconditionally. Needless to say how much can undermine credibility when a few years the child learns the truth.

From the first years of his life, the kid needs to understand that was born from his parents who love each other. To talk on equal terms – that's the main principle of the psychology of communication with the child.

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