Scientists: sex prolongs the life of fruit flies

Sex occupies a significant position among the dimensions of quality of life. However, recent studies have proven that this information applies to all animals. In addition, sexual life directly increases life expectancy. The data and results of the study were published in the journal Science.

American scientists conducted a study, which followed a group of Drosophila. They considered their way of life and the number of contacts with the opposite sex. Fruit flies are small flies, life cycle which is only 3-4 weeks. That's why two months, during which took place the study, it was enough to appreciate the need for scientists indicators.

It turned out that the flies that had more sex in the course of his life, lived longer. This may be due to greater activity of the hormonal mechanisms in active Drosophila. The lack of adequate hormonal regulation may serve as an additional factor that leads to early death.

At the moment, the researchers plan to conduct further research to understand whether this pattern relative to other insects.

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