Scientists: schizophrenia is a collection of eight mental disorders

Scientists from the school of medicine at the University of Washington has established an interesting fact about schizophrenia as a mental illness. According to experts, the disease consists of eight separate pathologies associated with poor job 42 genetic structures.

It is known that schizophrenia is 80% due to heredity, so scientists began studying the pathology from the point of view of its connection with the DNA of a sick person. For this genetics has collected more than 4,000 DNA samples of patients with schizophrenia.

The disease has various forms, includes delusions, hallucinations, which, as it turned out 100% associated with schizophrenia and included in the group of mental disorders.

Previously, scientists thought that schizophrenia develops due to violations in multiple genes combined in one cluster. American specialists are planning, preparations, relieving patients not only from the symptoms of the disease, but also from herself. Details of the research and experimentation is still unknown.

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