Scientists say that our planet is not ready for a pandemic

The Johns Hopkins University successfully operates the Center for health, which employs the doctor. They managed to create a computer model of a viral pandemic. Scientists managed to provoke her with virus X. Clade Epidemic in 20 years killed over 100 million people. After a couple of months after the stimulation the number of victims has increased significantly. This number reached 800 million people. This figure is 10 percent of humanity.

Experts say that the above virus is considered fictional. However, it may well become a reality. Clade X refers to the variation of parainfluenza. This disease is characterized by such symptoms - cough, runny nose, fever, inflammation, headaches and so on. Every year on our planet medical record contemporary strains of influenza. Thus, the pandemic virus may be quite real. Based on this information, it is important to make a decision that will help save people's lives.

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