Scientists say: Offices with a group of men the most dirty

The study showed that the offices, with a predominance of male workers, contain many times more bacteria than in those in which the state women predominate.

The results of these studies attribute this to the fact that men, alas, forget to wash their hands and brush their teeth and even their appearance pay less attention, and, according to some women, men are more careless by nature".

Scientists have analyzed 450 swabs from 90 offices that occupy men and women in the United States, and they discovered more than five hundred species of bacteria, most of which represent a kind of "waste" the skin of a person, ears, nose and intestines. Samples have also been found in bacteria, received in the office of the environment. Bacteria and other microorganisms in the classrooms were added along with your clothes or shoes.

According to Val Curtis Dr. School of tropical medicine and hygiene (London, England) the results of previous studies also showed that the hands of men more bacteria than in the hands of women.

"Men, alas, to hygiene is not taken seriously and because of the bacteria they are "more attractive", because his hands dirty for microorganisms is their "fertile" soil" - summed up the doctor.

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