Scientists say: alcohol in small doses is useful for the development of the unborn child

Scientists from the UK have found that a couple glasses of wine weekly useful for pregnant women and their unborn children. It turns out that once a woman takes a small amount of alcohol, the child in the womb becomes more relaxed. Despite the fact that medical instruction requires that a woman during pregnancy did not consume alcohol at all, practical study found that alcohol in small doses has no adverse effect on the health of the baby.

The study, which was attended by about 11 thousand mothers, found that the above result also applies to children whose age is 6-7 years. Scientists believe that a woman can use 175 milliliters of one liter of wine or light beer, not fearing for the fact that the development of her unborn child may be harmed intellectual or behavioural nature. It should be noted that the experiment was conducted with the aim of giving estimates of child development in the areas of mathematics, reading and spatial skills. In addition, scientists have studied the emotional and social behavior of children.

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The obtained results indicate that children whose mothers during pregnancy drank alcohol in small doses, showed himself a little better during tests than children of mothers who during pregnancy have completely given up alcohol.

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