Scientists: sandwiches contains too much salt

Scientists and doctors are not the first year, pay attention to the consumption of salt and flavorings. Excess salt has a negative effect on the whole body. Primarily affected the cardiovascular system, developing arterial hypertension. In the framework of recent research experts established standard sandwich contains too much salt. According to statistics, nearly half of Americans eats a Burger at least once a day, writes Science World Report.

For each fifth of American sandwich is the only source of sodium. Scientists have tried to consider the sandwich as a finished product, combining all the products that are included in it, presenting the average sandwich from the point of view of nutrients and salts.

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Many people like the sandwiches because of their taste and speed of manufacture. However, do not make them the main course. Sandwich - a great snack, but no more. The diet should be more diverse and less salty. Hot dogs, cured meats and ham contain a lot of salt and food additives. Often in the sandwich can be found pickles or pickled onions. Experts advise manufacturers of fast food to reduce the amount of salt in their products, and buyers are more attentive to what they are eating every day.

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