Scientists recommend to look for information about their diseases

Scientists from University College London said that people using the Internet should search for information about their disease, and the symptoms that bother him. This man should pay attention to methods of treatment of the disease. In their opinion, these actions will significantly increase the possibility of rapid treatment.

Scientists conducted an experiment, which was attended by 26 people. The experiment was conducted in the form of a survey. Scientists ask questions about how did people for help to the doctor, already having Internet knowledge about their disease. And as in this case it affected the work of the doctor. The survey found that some people who knew about the disease, the doctor treated more seriously. However, someone had the impression that the mere fact that a person does not trust the doctor insults him.

It is worth noting that despite the results of the study, the researchers recommend all to go to the doctor for help, but do not start self-treatment. This is because for the accuracy of the information posted on the web no one takes responsibility.

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The possibility of studying their disease scientists explain the interest in their own health. That is, having any information about their disease, the patient will be able to understand what he tells the doctor.

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