Scientists recommend to give the children more time for school lunch

Researchers from the Harvard school of public health found: short lunch, school forces them to eat properly. If the break is less than 20 minutes, the children are malnourished healthy food, leave the milk untouched, prefer pastries and sweets.

For most students lunch – the main meal, it is up to half of all nutritional value during the day. That's why lunch is so important. Scientists recommend to think about lengthening the big change principals. This will not only improve children's health, but also improve the performance of learning in the institution.

Break, according to the recommendations, shall be not less than 25 minutes. Then the child will have time for a full lunch and be on time to come to the next class. Many students complain about the short break and the inability to relax between classes. And this is a big problem for a growing organism that requires good nutrition and enough rest.

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