Scientists recommend electrical stimulation for anxiety

Anxiety is a vicious circle. Internal alarm oppresses man and drives him into a deeper depression or apathy. Instead of forget about the bad, these people assume the worst that can happen. Electrostimulation of the brain, writes Psych Central can improve the condition of patients with anxiety disorder.

Transcranially stimulation direct current affects the prefrontal cortex of the brain, improves concentration and relieves anxiety mood. The study confirmed the effectiveness of the method. The stimulation helps with mood disorders, some symptoms of Parkinson's disease, cognitive disorders. Especially effective this therapy in combination with other measures.

Only the study involved 77 healthy volunteers. People affected by threats. Next, the first group was subjected to transcranial magnetic stimulation, the second placebo-stimulation.

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Researchers noted that the improvement of mental health in the first group. Thus, transcranial stimulation increases the overall effectiveness of the treatment is aimed at reducing anxiety.

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