Scientists recommend a bow, to protect the brain from aging

No one can dispute the benefits of onions. The use of a bow as a Supplement to the basic food stimulates the appetite, strengthens the immune system, helps fight infection. But its useful properties are not over. Study French and Japanese scientists have proven that onions affect the state of the brain. Substances contained in the product is distilled nervous tissue from harmful substances that affect the entire body.

During the work the scientists have found: it is enough to add a bow to a basic diet to cleanse and rejuvenate the brain. As a result, you will improve your mood, thinking will become faster and more flexible, you will have a desire to live and grow. Of course, these changes do not wait, hoping the bow, but the effect, according to scientists, there.

Note that the study of useful properties of Luke continues for many years. Previously, scientists have proved that the bow is decent prevention of breast cancer. Substances included in it inhibit the growth and development of isolated cancer cells, which are known to every person.

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