Scientists: racism reduces the life expectancy of

Scientists have proven that a tolerant environment contributes to the increase in life expectancy, whereas the victims of racism are aging much faster. Data were confirmed by experts from the University of Maryland and published in the online edition of The Daily Mail.

Constant oppression by the society or the original aggression against another nation trigger premature aging mechanisms. This is especially true for people who are negatively disposed towards people from their ethnic group.

Researchers conducted a survey of black Americans. Examined various aspects of racism, including the attitude of officials, employers for black. In addition, it was found hidden with respect to the given nation. Next, the researchers studied the activity of DNA-markers responsible for the aging process.

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It turned out that exposed racism residents often suffered from diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus, and in General, their life expectancy was shorter. It is worth noting that the lifestyle does not affect this aspect.

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