Experts in the field of pharmacology has told about medicines without effect. Their reception definitely will not lead to healing or improving his health.

In the first place is the drug "Arbidol". The flu without taking the funds is held for seven days, with "Arbidola" - for one week. Scientists from China and the CIS countries carried out tests and received positive results. It is quite obvious, because this antiviral agent has only a few active molecules in one pill.

In second place is the drug "Essentiale". This drug does not protect the liver. On the contrary, there are a number of cases where the drug is provoking the stagnation of bile and inflammation.

Virtually no clinic in Europe or USA does not appoint their patients drugs "to strengthen the intestines". "Hilak Forte", "Bifiform" and many other means to improve the intestinal flora simply don't work. It is a proven fact.

In the list were common among the elderly, the preparation "Corvalol". It can cause dependence with regular intake and disorders of the nervous system.

Last in the list of inefficient funds is the drug from cough "Geelix" from a sheet of ivy. Studies have proven that this ingredient does not help with the disease.

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