Scientists proved the effectiveness of the new anti-arthritis

Doctors have conducted clinical trials of the drug Sarilumab. This tool, as it turned out, greatly improves the quality of life of people suffering from arthritis. Its use facilitates movement, increased range of motion in the joints, reducing inflammation and pain. In addition, the drug reduced the degree of progression of the pathology.

The drug is administered in the form of injections. One application in two weeks to feel its effectiveness. Tests conducted on 1200 patients showed that the tool really helps and improves the dynamics of the course of disease in patients with arthritis.

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Carisoma blocks the excretion of interleukin-6. This protein is a mediator of inflammation, which is involved in the development of arthritis. 200 milligrams of the drug helped to cope with the symptoms and significantly reduce their manifestation in 6 months. However, the researchers note, means there are some side effects in the form of increased cholesterol and transaminases. Upon successful completion of subsequent trials, the drug will be on the shelves of pharmacies and hospitals about ten years.

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