Scientists proved scientifically "cure" a hangover alcohol

Adam Rogers, a specialist in the field of medicine have proved that alcohol is the best cure for a hangover. Light alcoholic cocktails such as Bloody Mary to help recover the body and be saved from lack of fluids.The New Zeeland Herald writes: hangover is the body's response to low blood levels of methyl alcohol.

Pure alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages, can affect methyl alcohol. It will relieve the symptoms of a hangover, scientists believe. People again slightly intoxicated, which will mask the symptoms of a hangover.

Often alcoholics get sober. Methyl alcohol in the human body turns into formaldehyde, a deadly substance that causes oxygen starvation and death.

Standard alcoholic drinks contain a minimum amount of methanol and relatively safe for health. Ethanol as a substitute hazardous atoms of methanol and prevent the destruction of cells. As a result, a person can easily survive a hangover.

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