Scientists: protein diet is dangerous for the human body

Doctors from the University of southern California to cause unexpected comparison: protein diet, rich in meat and cheeses dangerous for people of middle age not less than Smoking. People who hold this power, have the risk of death is two times higher than average, The Daily Mail reports. In addition, proteins in large quantities after 50 years increases the risk of cancer.

Scientists believe that by middle age, you should reduce the number of meat products and switch to fish and vegetable sources of protein (beans and lentils). For the elderly protein, in contrast, is extremely useful. After 66 years, a diet rich in proteins reduces the risk of sudden death on the third.

The researchers give the data obtained during the observation of 6400 people. The study lasted 18 years. A large amount of animal protein in the average age increased the risk of death from cancer three times. In some cases developed diabetes associated with malnutrition. Interestingly, vegetable proteins turned out to be more useful.

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