Scientists: prostatitis treatment should begin with a clean and healthy gums

Experts from the Dental school of the University Case Western Reserve noticed a comprehensive treatment of gum disease and prostatitis gives better results than the separate treatment of disease of the prostate. It is reported by The Times of India.

Gum disease act on the entire body, affecting all its parts. The researchers conducted a survey of 27 men aged 21 years. Each had taken a tissue sample of the prostate and a blood test. All volunteers dentists have found signs of inflammation of the gums.

Biopsy found 15 people in the presence of rudiments of cancer process in the body, two was diagnosed with cancer and inflammation of the prostate gland. Joint treatment of diseases of the gums and underlying disease gave excellent results. Now scientists propose to expand the group to study. If successful, the scheme will apply physicians and clinics.

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