Scientists propose to write on phones warnings about possible dependencies

The modern rhythm of life teaches you to be always connected, but no mobile phone in your pocket can cause a real panic. Scientists from Britain offered to developers of mobile devices to warn about possible depending on the means of communication.

Researchers from the University of Derby in the framework of recent studies have established that the average person spends up to 3.5 hours per day with gadgets. It affects behavior and mental health.

Pace of life is accelerating, and the number of hours per day remains unchanged. Digital devices are stealing our time that could be spend in communicating with loved ones. Being a long time alone with a cell phone, according to experts, a person develops narcissism.

Manufacturers of gadgets should write on the packaging devices warning about the possibility of addiction, says study author Zahir Hussain. Dependence on communication is no safer than the use of nicotine or alcohol.

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