Scientists propose to use wireless charging for pacemakers

The main problem with electronic implants - they need recharging. This usually requires surgery. As a result, people suffering from permanent surgical interventions. As an alternative to using an external battery, but in this case not to avoid the wires leading to the battery.

Scientists from Stanford University have proposed the use of wireless charging via electromagnetic radiation. Thus the use of pacemakers should be almost invisible. Wave electromagnetic radiation can propagate through the biological environment. Tests have proven that it is possible to charge an electric device through the body unchanged.

The device is designed in such a way that the pulse reached directly to the battery of the pacemaker.

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Scientists have managed to conduct an experiment with rabbits and pigs. Animals implanted pacemaker and were forced to operate from an external energy source. When charging direct contact with the body was not required. Scientists emphasize that the method is completely safe and has a number of advantages for the patient.

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