Scientists promise quick ability to regenerate lost limbs in humans

The sensational findings of scientists from the Karolinska Institute could be the beginning of development in humans the ability to regenerate lost limbs and other organs, reports The Daily Mail. According to the source, the experts were able to decipher DNA spined newts that have well-developed recovery function of tissues and organs by installing the genes responsible for the development of these abilities.

Living in Spain, Portugal and Morocco spined newts differ in the size of the genome is 6 times larger than the human genome. In the course of research work the Institute's staff was able to detect amphibians a large number of copies of certain groups of microscopic RNA existing in embryonic stem and cancer cells of mammals.

Experts suggest that their discovery is the first step to regeneration of organs in humans and will contribute to the invention of innovative methods of treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

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