Scientists: prolonged breastfeeding reduces the risk of premature death

Scientists from the U.S. northwestern University found that the deficiency of breast milk can cause the development of chronic inflammatory diseases in children. In addition, it may increase the risk of premature death, says Nursing Time.

Data were established through the analysis of data collected from 7 thousand people. Age of the subjects ranged from 24 to 32 years. It turned out that breastfeeding regulates the level of C-reactive protein in children. The substance determines the degree of activity of inflammatory reactions in the body and is one of the first signs of inflammation.

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Scientists have found that regular feeding of the child for three months reduced rates of C-reactive protein, 20%, and when feeding up to six months by 26.7%. Feeding, in addition to lowers the index by another 4%. Further, the connection remains constant.

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