Scientists: professional athletes are a masochist

There is a category of people who after training I feel so tired and exhausted. Such people do not need to worry, as this is not a manifestation of laziness. While some sports fans feel a sense of euphoria from the mere thought of the upcoming training session, the above-mentioned categories of people fall mood, and this occurs at the genetic level - that is, not dependent on this person's reasons.

Scientists were able to establish that the effects of exercise, such sweating, exercise, hard work, and sometimes the pain can cause different reactions in the brain.

Experts from the University of Iowa conducted a study in which they tested the mood of training people. As it turned out, half in pain, which noted they were due to genetic predisposition. Experiment participants performed exercises to the point of exhaustion and up until he reached the so-called "ventilation threshold. Scientists noticed that some participants had received pleasure from training, and other categories of people mentioned the rapid decline in mood, and besides, they gave up much earlier. On this basis, the experts came to the conclusion that professional athletes are in some sense a masochist.

In addition, researchers found that some people have the physical ability are much lower than they expect, and even such a simple lesson, as, for example, cooking dinner, can be very tiring. Even after a few steps they found the strain. However, previous research has already established that listening to music or just being surrounded by nature increase the above-mentioned threshold of pain, and increase efficiency.

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