Scientists: products with low fat causes weight gain

Often to keep the structure of the product and reduce its fat content producers use substitutes consisting of carbohydrates. In most cases, this is a common sugar. When excess glucose in the body is rapidly formed adipose tissue, increases the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels.

Scientists have noted, even the dangerous fats not as much as carbohydrates. Data was proven by German scientists almost 100 years ago. Interest in fats began in the 50's, when doctors first tried to create the perfect ratio of three nutrients. Since norms are changing. Now, for example, a person consumes 25% more carbohydrates than 40-50 years ago.

Consider replacing fats with carbohydrates. Fat-free dressing for the Caesar salad contains 12 times more carbohydrates than the standard sauce. Low fat cheese - two times more sugar than the traditional version. In Starbucks popular banana-chocolate cake, which is a real carbohydrate bomb. In one portion of the cake contains 50 grams of sugar.

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