Scientists: pregnant women should be protected from direct sunlight

The constant presence on the street can cause pathology in pregnancy, says ABC News. Scientists from Evenkijskaja technological University conducted a study involving 45 women in the course of which it appeared that direct sunlight for a long period of time reduce the level of folic acid by 20%.

This substance determines the development of the nervous system of the child, the formation of the spine. Folic acid deficiency is one of the causes of the disease spina bifida. There are cases of deformation of the bone tissue and miscarriages.

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Professor Michael Kimlin believes that the data obtained during the study, belong exclusively to women living in tropical regions. For a more detailed collection of information is necessary for global research. Now we can confidently say that UV radiation is the main cause of skin cancer. It is now clear that the sun also influences the level of folic acid. When planning a pregnancy it is desirable to carry out the analysis on the determination of its level in the blood.

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