Scientists predict summer 2014 dangerous for pregnant women

Scientists warn pregnant women: a looming summer of 2014 will be one of the most dangerous. Forecasters believe that most countries will plunge into the abnormal heat.

This is why pregnant women in the second and third trimester should be careful with walks in the daytime. You should devote more time to your health, try to be in a comfortable environment.

Scientists conducted a study (1981-2010,), which established the specific link between pregnancy and hot weather. Experts confirmed the information that the heat negatively affects the process of gestation. If the mark on the outdoor thermometer overcomes the threshold at 32 degrees, the risk of preterm birth increased by 27%.

This is due primarily to increased uterine tone and strength of her contractions. In addition, during the heat inevitably occurs dehydration and hemoconcentration, as you know, not the most pleasant background for pregnancy.

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