Scientists predict anomalous heat in summer 2014

To the disappointing conclusion that scientists meteorologists: over much of Europe and Eurasia this summer will be anomalous heat. High temperature is not only a risk factor for serious diseases, but also serious economic damage. Information published by the German specialists from the University of Giessen.

Meteorologists sure, blame the phenomenon El Nito. Pacific ocean fill warm currents. As a result, the deep layers of the water rises, which changes the climate of the entire continent.

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In addition, in the summer of 2014 will coincide two climatic factors: rising mass of warm water in the region of the equator and the active passage of a mass of warm air. That is why the average temperature in summer is significantly higher than normal. Droughts and fires will be increased. Doctors warned in advance that the presence of the sun at high temperature can cause heart disease, heatstroke and development of severe burns.

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