Scientists: positive emotions are transmitted through sweat

The smell of sweat conveys to other people positive emotions, according to scientists from the Association for psychological science. In the experiment, they proved that at the time of emotional lift with sweat special connection. The body other people perceive through them in a good mood.

In the first phase of the study, the scientists took samples of sweat, highlighted with different emotions, in 12 men. Later in the experiment involved 36 women who were asked to evaluate the smell of sweat samples. The results were recorded by the camera. In addition to describing emotions, scientists have detected changes of facial expressions of women.

Sweat received in joy, evoked similar feelings in women, evaluating the smell. In the evaluation of sweat obtained in fear, the volunteers observed a reduction in medial frontal muscle, indicating that the emergence of fear.

The study proves that man is not so far away from the rest of the animal world. Most mammals rely on smell and make a decision based on the smells from the outside world.

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