Scientists: poor people are more likely to suffer from migraine

In research took part 164 thousand people who shared, if they have frequent headaches, how often they occur when started. Then they put the received information to the level of family income.

The journal Neurology published an article which talked about the results of this study. It turns out that among the poor, a greater proportion of migraine sufferers. This information was obtained by scientists from the USA, who conducted an analysis of the availability, frequency and intensity of migraine attacks and income is investigated. Low-income scholars have counted 22 thousand dollars, high - more than 60 thousand a year.

The study showed that among women with a high income level, the percentage of patients with migraine was about 20%, whereas ladies who are paid close to the subsistence minimum, the U.S. experienced migraine attacks in 37 percent of cases. However, in all cases, the migraine successfully resisted treatment and fits well were stopped.

Another work, published in the journal Neurology, is devoted to the negative impact of migraine on the structure and functioning of the brain. With frequent and severe attacks may be some reduction of the brain. Migraine, accompanied by migraine with aura (visual, auditory hallucinations) caused destructive processes in 68% of cases, migraine without aura is 34 percent in comparison with the healthy population. Furthermore, the risk of stroke and other cerebrovascular disease is higher in patients with migraine 44 percent.

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According to statistics migraine hurts every tenth man. Messoud Ashina, the doctor and the author of the article in Neurology, believes that more research will help clarify the relationship between the destructive processes in the brain and the frequency and force of headaches.

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