Scientists: plastic bottles ruin teeth

Plastic used to produce bottles, destroys the enamel of children's teeth. It is reported by an international team of researchers. They set that milk teeth are not very durable structure. Even minimal concentrations of fungicides can lead to the violation of the integrity of the enamel in children.

The fact that the chemical substances contained in the plastic, once in the blood, provoke hormonal changes. The suppression of certain hormones is one of the reasons thin tooth enamel.

The most dangerous compound scientists call the Bisphenol A. for 50 years it is actively used in the manufacture of plastic products. According to research, one in five children aged 6-9 years old has problems with the integrity of the enamel. Apparently, plastic bottles play a role.

Scientists recommend that parents not buy their children drinks in plastic bottles. It is better to prefer glass containers.

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