Scientists plan to print food on a 3D printer

Soon on the shelves of grocery stores can receive the first products, printed on a 3D printer. German scientists have developed a series of developments to create a "soft food", writes The Daily Mail.

On the printer, you can print food, which form will be closer to the usual products, but the structure will be more soft and smooth. According to scientists, meat and fruit will keep your taste, this will have the consistency, dissolving in the mouth.

Consistency is more reminiscent of a jelly. Traditional products are stage grinding until smooth. Next, the printer uses the resulting substance as "cement". Products require storage in the freezer. If necessary, it will be necessary to thaw food in the microwave.

First of all interested in the development of people with problems in chewing function. Many have to change their diet. "Printed products will improve the quality of life for these people, allowing them to enjoy the usual food with the usual form.

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