Scientists plan to create a test to determine the process of developing asthma

A recent study conducted by researchers from Duke University and is devoted to the genetic causes of asthma, found quite interesting facts. In their study, the researchers found 15 different regions in the human genome that were associated with asthma. People that were at higher risk of developing asthma, 36 percent more often faced with the development of this disease, can reduce the patient's quality of life the rest of his life.

Only the study involved 1000 people in New Zealand, of which 880 was discovered genetic risk. Scientists observed the participants in the study, since their childhood up until they were 40. It was also noted that patients with a high genetic risk of developing the disease not only suffered from illness throughout his adult life, but most frequently missed school, were not working and needed to be hospitalized. The researchers hope that their research will allow you to create a test that will allow them to identify those children who have asthma will pursue throughout their lives.

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According to one of the study authors Dr. Daniela Belsky, there are all prerequisites for creating such a test, which will help to install, will appear found in children, symptoms of asthma in later life of the patient. But to create the mentioned test will take a long time.

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