Scientists: pesticides provoke the development of autism

A group of researchers from the Medical school of the University of North Carolina proved that some substances within plant foods in the process of its cultivation, can be dangerous to the human nervous system. Pesticides, for example, cause changes similar to those that occur in the brain in autism.

Scientists watched the reaction of mice to the impact of 300 different chemical compounds. A number of them changed the activity of genes. Was able to distinguish 6 groups of substances that provoke the pathology of the nervous system and cause symptoms of autism.

Among hazardous chemicals, fenpyroximate, rotenone, pyridaben, fungicides Pyrimethanil, pyraclostrobin, fenamidone. While scientists do not claim unequivocal about the dangers in the use of pesticides, however, the possibility of damage to the nervous system because of them is also not excluded.

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