Scientists: periodontitis is a disease of office workers

Periodontitis is a gum disease that causes abnormal mobility of the tooth in the gingival pocket. Often develop inflammation in the mouth. It turned out that the disease most often affects people leading a sedentary lifestyle, while the active life and exercise can reduce the risk of developing the disease. However, the researchers note, don't forget about the hygiene of the oral cavity.

Have found an Association between low levels of physical activity and the development of the disease. We investigated a group of men aged 45 to 65 years. Their work consisted in editing documents, drawing up etcetc and was associated mostly with paper. Doctors carefully evaluate the condition of your gums and teeth analyzed. It turned out that processing for computer have a strong influence on the condition of the oral cavity.

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Today periodontitis is a very common disease. It is known that he is on a par with caries in the frequency of cases of tooth loss. Periodontitis develops each person with individual speed, which depends on many factors: from lifestyle to care for the gums and teeth.

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