Scientists: people looking for a life partner external like yourself

Scientists established the fact that people who are happily married, over time, become similar to each other. Sometimes the similarity is so striking that you can take them for brother and sister. It is believed that by similarity, you can determine the strength of the marriage. It should be noted that the resemblance is evident, even if it was not originally.

Authorship studies by Russian and American scientists who conducted the experiment. They analyzed family photos of people who have lived together for more than 20 years, then compared them with photos before the wedding and at the wedding ceremony. This analysis confirms the theory that over time, people living in a harmonious marriage are similar. Worth noting is the fact that a certain percentage of couples was strikingly similar in appearance.

Amazing and the relationship between the strength of the Union of two people and the degree of their similarity. The more strong was the marriage, the more options the similarity of spouses was found. One of the reasons is to copy the behavior of each other.

Draws attention to itself and another interesting fact related to the family of harmful and useful habits. If one spouse begins or quit, it is usually tightened and his significant other. The same can be said about a healthy lifestyle: most of the time you can find a family where sports all have a positive attitude.

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The researchers concluded that people looking for a mate with similar external features. The higher the degree of similarity, the higher the probability of a successful marriage. At the same time, two people living together, find new common external traits and habits that are associated with life together and copying the behavior of each other.

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