Scientists: people easily determines the degree of sincerity of laughter

Laughter is one of the socially important human emotions, according to Greg Bryant from the University of California. This usually means a friendly attitude to the interlocutor, the willingness to continue the conversation and cooperation, writes Interestingly, able to laugh not only people, but also monkeys, dogs, rats.

In the experiment, the scientists tried to understand how difficult it is to distinguish natural laughter from artificial. They were written by different variants of spontaneous and artificial laughter of the students. Records suggested listening 63 volunteers. 75% guessed that laughter is spontaneous, artificial laughter was able to capture 2/3 people.

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Next, the researchers slowed the entry of natural laughter. It turned out that to understand his emotional color became much more difficult. Riddles of laughter lie in its two components. The sound comes through the emotional and verbal system. The second system can be faked, while the first hard is controlled by man.

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