Scientists: people do not realize how much blueberry healthy

A group of researchers from the University of Florida as part of the survey proved that the people do not know about the benefits of blueberries. The majority of respondents thought only about the positive effect of berries for the cardiovascular system. Some talked about anti-cancer properties, says Deccan Chronicle.

But science knows about blueberries a lot more. Regular use of this berry allows you to slow the aging process, make vision sharper, and improve your memory. Scientists noticed that about the benefits of blueberries know people with low incomes. The richer the person was, the more he was aware of the beneficial properties of the product.

In another study, researchers from the Illinois University of technology found that the use of raspberry significantly reduces the likelihood of developing in old age is Alzheimer's disease. Some polyphenols that are included with fresh berries protect brain cells from oxidative reactions. As a result, neurons are living longer, which slows down age related degeneration of the brain.

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