Scientists: people are able to see in complete darkness

A group of American scientists made a discovery: it turns out that people are able to see the outline of his body even in complete darkness. In the specific case of the brain, which builds the image from memory. This phenomenon was named the phenomenon of false view. Research in this area will allow to understand the mechanisms of processing sensory information and communication organ of vision with the nervous tissue of the brain.

The study involved 129 volunteers, who were divided into two groups. Each wore a bandage, only the first group reported that the bandage is translucent and the second is that the bandage does not transmit light. In fact, none of the bandage did not allow anything to see. In the study, researchers found that some of the volunteers saw the fuzzy outline of their hand, when you held her at eye level.

After conducting a series of experiments, scientists were convinced that the vision may be due not only to the optical component. The part of the image of the person can complete with the help of your subconscious.

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It should be noted that studies on this subject are held not for the first time. A well-known fact that a person is able to see in the dark now gained scientific support.

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