Scientists: peaches help to defeat breast cancer

American experts have proved that the extract from the fruit of the peach tree slows down the development of cancer process. The data were confirmed in the course of experience on laboratory mice, according to The Daily Mail. During the experiment, animals were infected cancer cells causing tumors of the mammary glands, after which he administered the extract from peaches.

A few weeks later, the researchers found a reduction in the activity of a gene marker. This allows to judge about the decrease in the intensity of the cancer process and slowing metastasis of the tumor. It's all in phenolic compounds. Inclusion in the diet of peaches, scientists believe, can reduce the risk of cancer and to improve the situation when it is detected. Especially useful that natural products do not harm healthy tissue.

Nutritionists believe that fruits and vegetables is a mandatory part of any person. Especially useful fruits and vegetables, eaten whole without heat treatment. Juices useful action does not possess. When there is a suspicion of tumor process, you must contact a doctor or medical oncologist. Only peaches with cancer to help, unfortunately, can not.

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