Scientists: passive Smoking is a cause of vascular diseases in children

Not the first year, scientists claim that passive Smoking causes harm to the human body than active. Studies show that cigarette smoke causes a huge number of diseases, including diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Bronchitis and asthma, atherosclerosis, cancer, lung disease face every day thousands of smokers around the world.

Researchers from Australia provide evidence pointing to the harm caused by passive Smoking. The study considered the thickness of the walls of the arteries of the child and its relationship with the presence of smokers among parents and relatives. Just using ultrasonic techniques have been investigated 3.7 thousand children, writes European Heart Jornal.

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It turned out that passive Smoking causes changes in blood vessels. This factor serves as a trigger for the development of atherosclerosis and damage to the walls. Scientists have noted that in some cases the vessels of the child were not worn in years.

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