Scientists: oxytocin solves problems in intimate life

The optimal concentration of the hormone oxytocin is able to solve problems in intimate life, scientists from the Medical school of Hannover. Data scientists have proven in the experiment, with the participation of 29 pairs. The first group received oxytocin in the form of a spray, the rest is placebo before having sex.

Before the experiment, the volunteers filled out a questionnaire, which evaluates sexual experience of a person and his attitude towards his partner. It turned out that oxytocin had no effect on the degree of attraction during sex and before him, writes The Times of India. However, the "hormone of happiness" was greatly enhanced orgasm, especially in men.

When interviewing men was that sex gave them more pleasure, increased satisfaction of sexual intercourse. The women admitted that during sex it was easier for them to share their real thoughts and desires. It is likely that the hormone oxytocin determines some aspects of sexual relations between partners.

We have shown that this hormone affects interpersonal relationships, improves mood. Until recently, scientists didn't know how oxytocin affects sexual behavior. Today scientists ponder whether hormone to help men with impaired erectile function.

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