Scientists: overweight people live longer than thin

If you have taken a firm decision to start a healthy lifestyle after the new year, then, without hesitation, put aside coming to you thoughts about diet and safely eat up what is left after the Christmas holidays.

According to the Daily Mail, large-scale studies have shown that people, regardless of their gender, which have moderate weight, live much longer than their too thin fellows.

The analysis of about a hundred studies have shown that those people who have normal weight, traditionally serving one of the criteria for evaluating health, will die earlier than those people whose weight is a bit redundant. We are talking about a small deviation from normal weight, because too much weight to the fact that its owner will live less than a person with normal weight.

The explanation for this is the fact that slightly overweight people have the fat reserves that will support human rights in the case of the deterioration in his health that will be associated with ageing.

It is believed that fat people are more health conscious and more often turn to doctors, thus providing the opportunity to detect any disease at an early stage and to cure them.

Another version says that overweight people exercise and eat better than thin, which constantly starve themselves, sitting on different diets, as well as smoke to suppress appetite.

This study was commissioned by the U.S. government. Scientists who were in him busy, processed the results of nearly 100 studies on the same topic that have been conducted previously, and included millions of both men and women all over the world. During the analysis of the data, the researchers compared the ratio of height and weight of the person, the so-called body mass index, with the probability of death towards the end of the reporting period.

The data from this study, which were published in the journal of the American medical Association, showed that the probability of death for people with small overweight 6 percent lower than the probability of death for people with a weight that is considered normal. In addition, the completeness of the first category does not interfere with their health.

Those people who had problems with serious excess weight, were 30% less likely to survive to the end of the study than people with normal weight.

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