Scientists over the last 50 years, Smoking has become even more harmful habit

Smoking is one of the main reasons for the development of diseases such as cancer, heart failure, impotence. Most countries are actively struggling with this problem, put a huge amount of effort put into the solution a significant portion of the budget as opposed to tobacco companies.

A recent study proves that the composition of cigarettes over the last 50 years much has changed and they have become much more dangerous. In modern cigarette contains more chemicals and tar than tobacco, which is smoked half a century ago. Noted that additives have a particularly strong negative impact on the human body during Smoking.

In the report made at the beginning of 2014, American scientists have expressed their strong concern about the increasing incidence of tuberculosis, impotence, and cancer among smokers. Perhaps it's not only cigarettes but also to environmental changes, which has become more aggressive to the health of residents of large cities.

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It is worth noting that recent research in the area has shown that Smoking electronic cigarettes has no less harmful than conventional tobacco Smoking. So to use this alternative as attempts to quit Smoking are not too wise.

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