Scientists our method of managing human biorhythms

Researchers from Saint Louis University (USA) have learned to manage human biorhythms using a special protein called REV-ERB. Substance helps in regulation of circadian rhythms, normalizes them in the presence of pathology.

In normal operation, this kind of substance is not included in the chain of reactions. The body can independently "decide" when he needs to sleep, and when he can work at maximum performance. Processing, stress, long flights knock biorhythms that can result in chronic fatigue, inability to sleep and Wake up at the usual time, poor health, poor immunity.

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Scientists have found that protein REV-ERB influences the cycles of sleep and wakefulness. Data were installed in experiments with laboratory mice. Based substances, experts say, you can develop a line of products for the treatment of insomnia and other manifestations of disorders of circadian rhythms.

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