Scientists: obesity reduces life expectancy by 8 years

Obesity affects all organs and systems of man. Naturally, the average life expectancy of a complete person lower than slender man. Scientists from McGill University has established a number of years takes obesity, analyzing data 4 thousand people.

Collecting material lasted seven years. Experts estimate the total risk of development of diseases of the cardiovascular system and diabetes mellitus type II in humans with obesity and without.

Scientists have found: the sooner people gaining their first extra pounds, the more these pounds eventually take his life expectancy. At moderate obese people lose up to six years with severe obesity - up to eight years of life.

Appreciated by the specialists of the number of "healthy" years, when a person feels well, chronic diseases are not detected. People without obesity, this figure 2-4 times higher. Fat people begin to feel discomfort even in his youth.

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Experts in the field of nutrition advise people with excess weight to do with his body. For excess weight are heart disease, diabetes and pathology of locomotor apparatus.

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