Scientists: obesity in the U.S. is gaining momentum

American researchers give the disappointing statistics in the country, a third of adults and almost one in five children are obese. These findings were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

When studying trends of obesity in children and adults among the 9 thousands of volunteers, scientists from the Centre for disease control in Hyatsville revealed the following regularities.

In early childhood (up to two years), the prevalence of obesity was 8.1%, developmental disorders are more common in girls. In the group from 2 to 19 years are overweight had a third study, obesity third degree is 6.4%.

Scientists have noted that the tendency to exacerbate the situation with no children, but among adults and the elderly, the prevalence of obesity increased from 31.5% to 38%. According to the latest data of modern children consume 4-7% fewer calories than their peers in 2004. More and more mothers prefer natural infant feeding. This may be due to the active actions of health workers.

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