Scientists: nut allergies will not be a problem

Allergic to nuts occurs quite frequently and is characterized by the most terrible symptoms. Scientists to create hypoallergenic cashew nuts. Further the case for small - to transfer technology to other varieties, changing the structure of the protein allergens, reports The Telegraph.

The reaction of antigen-antibody occurs only in the presence of the allergen, which is always white. By changing its shape, you can make any product safe for people with allergies.

Experts have processed antigenic protein and sodium sulfite, which changed its structure. In the antibody did not join with him in reaction. In the future, know-how in relation to other nuts that cause allergies.

Note, researchers at the Agricultural technical University (North Carolina) have been able to reduce the concentration of allergens 98%, however in peanuts. To do this, scientists soaked the nuts in a solution of enzymes. The result was nuts, tastes like fried. They can be eaten whole or add to baked goods or salads as a complementary component.

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