Scientists: now you can forget about urolithiasis

The emergence of kidney stones can be prevented, scientists from the University of Houston. They have created a unique method to dissolve the oxalates of calcium without the introduction into the kidney. Preliminary results obtained in the study, says the publication Business Standard.

Under normal conditions the hydroxycitrate slows down the process of stone formation. When conditions change, the activity of the substance will rise as a result formed the stones dissolve.

Kidney stones – a fairly common pathology. Confronts nearly one in ten people at some stage in their lives. Most kidney stones are formed in diabetes, obesity, diseases of the urinary system. Greatly influenced by the quality of drinking water.

The hydroxycitrate acts on the entire area of the stone and leads to its gradual dissolution. Now there is evidence of the successful use of a substance on seven volunteers. Planned larger scale study to further implementation of the method into General medical practice.

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