Scientists: music makes the food taste better

Charles Spence, a psychologist from Oxford University, proved that background music increases the attractiveness of food. The slow melodies reinforce the sense of taste, and rhythmic and fast music, on the contrary, accelerates their extinction. About it writes The Daily Mail.

Music, according to the scientist, can substitute for seasoning. In the experiment, the volunteers dined to the sounds of accordion and melodies of the composer Puccini. If the origin of food and music match (Italian pasta with Italian music), palatability of the products have been grown and cooked food seemed tastier.

Music in low tones made bitter food. It's all in the wrapping effect, the psychologist said. People perceive food as a complex of sensations, and the right atmosphere creates the right impression. This is actively used by cafes and restaurants.

Instrumental perfectly with fruit. Many of the products themselves create sounds. Crunch enhances the feel of crunchy food, the sound of hissing oil from fried foods.

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